From our farm to your table

Beef and poultry raised well, locally in Haywood county, NC

Beef and poultry you can believe in.

We’re on a mission to provide food that you can enjoy, celebrate, and have 100% peace of mind knowing the animals lived their best lives and will help you do the same.

Join us

Food should be cherished, not just consumed. It's more than fuel, and should taste good. You want to feed your family well, let us help.

Where to find us

We're at Haywood's Historic Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings from 9-12, April - December. Drop by the market say hi!

About us

Our roots run deep into the mountains we call home. Learn more about who we are and where we come from.

Shady Brook Farm

We take pride in our farm and the exceptional products it yields. From our pasture raised, soy-free eggs and chicken to our grass fed and finished beef, our commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices sets us apart. Sample what we raise to experience food the way it should be - Clean and Healthy.