Who we are.

Located in Henson Cove, Haywood County, NC, Shady Brook Farm is dedicated to raising quality protein products for your table. We pride ourselves on raising grass only beef and pastured poultry well by giving the animals a quality life experience without losing sight of their purpose.

In the 1950's U.G. Henson brought Angus cattle into his section of Henson Cove beginning our family's love affair with this spectacular breed of cattle. Four generations later we are proud to continue raising these fine animals using rotational grazing methods.

Commercial poultry came to the farm in 2011 to help improve our soil fertility as well as provide other farm products. Raised in the pastures - following the cattle - both our egg flock and meat chickens have 24/7 access to pasture.

Why Pasture Raised?

We believe raising animals on pasture is the best way. We use rotational grazing for the cattle to ensure they are on fresh grass regularly. This method allows rest periods for the soil and forages, allowing them to stay strong and healthy throughout the grazing season. In the winter we feed grass hay to the cattle on the pasture. 

Angus cattle are uniquely suited for life outside. They were originally bred on the north east coast of Scotland and were meant to outlast cold, wet weather. Our herd makes its living on the pastures, and we take advantage of the bloodlines pioneered at the WYE Plantation in the 1950-70's by Jim Lingle and company. These cattle thrive in a grass only production model. We calve out on the pasture in March and April. Beef that bares our Shady Brook Farm label was born on the farm, only leaving it on harvest day.

The chicken flocks are also raised on pasture. We utilize poultry netting and a livestock guardian dog to protect the birds from both ground and air predators. The poultry fences and field shelters are moved on a regular basis as the chickens follow the cattle through the pastures. This method gives the birds plenty of room to express themselves resulting in rich egg yolks as well as firm textured chicken with robust flavor. Our chickens receive an organic, soy free ration, but because they are omnivores and are outside their diet is not strictly vegetarian.

We're your farmers.

Shady Brook Farm is a family affair. Adam Henson, great grandson of U.G. and Eula Henson, runs the day to day operations on the farm. His father, Doug, is involved in cattle management and hay production. Even Adam's grandmother, Joan, owns some of the cows in our herd. Adam's wife, Jada, is involved in marketing she also runs the Kitchen at Shady Brook Farm producing jams and jellies as well as some baked goods. Adam and Jada have four children - Elizabeth, Bonnie Jo, Nora and Reed.

Taste the difference.

Delicious chicken! Tender, moist and tasty meat…and the deep, rich yellow fat…scrumptious! Not to mention the health benefits of a soy free diet. Thank you, Adam, for providing such a wonderful product to the local community!
- Carrie P.